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The cornerstone was laid on June 10, 1901 for the construction of first church building.  Congregation began worshiping in Hartford on Sunday, September 15, 1901. 

(From Pastor John Drewelow, 1926 - 1935)  "Here (at Christ Church) the Holy Father has opened His loving arms and clasped infants to His bosom in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.  Here children and adults have promised to remain true to Christ and His Church as they spoke their baptismal and confirmation vows.  Here many a penitent sinner has left the Lord's Table with a song in his (her) heart because he had heard the words "Go in Peace" and knew that they were meant for him.  Here happy young people have promised to be true to Him and to each other as they began their home with Christ as the Cornerstone.  Here, week in and week out, the Word has been preached in all its truth and purity, and here the sorrowing eyes of them who were left behind were dried because they had received God's assurance that through Christ there is happiness in the Hereafter."


"The history of Christ Lutheran Church is somewhat interwoven with that of the neighboring parishes, that of Zion Lutheran, rural Hartford, and St. Paul Lutheran, Humboldt.  Already for some years before the organizing of our congregation in the winter of 1900, members of Zion church, retiring from their farms, had moved into town.  Their number was small, but they soon deemed it preferable to have their own church, pastor and service in town, rather than to continue driving out in to the country to their former church home.  There were also families near town and in the opposite direction who harbord similar thoughts.  Hartford certainly had room for a Lutheran church beside the two denominations already represented.  The Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Church founded on the pure Word of God, has a mission and work in every community; the church of pure Evangelic Faith must be a savoring salt in every generation." 


Things have not changed in the 100 years that have passed since our church was founded.  What Pastor Drewelow said happened long ago, still happens among us as guided and blessed by the Holy Spirit.  We are indebted to all the faithful who have gone before us in proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ, and all who will follow.  Christ is the Cornerstone of this church, of The Church, throughout history.  May God be glorified in every generation and for all time, and may we - God's people - be a savoring salt in every generation.

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