Lector Guidelines

  1. Read through the scriptures to develop familiarity with the words.  Practice reading it out loud if possible.

  2. If you’re not sure how to pronounce a word or name, check with someone else or the Pastor for some help.

  3. Check with the Pastor before the worship service to see if there are changes to the scripture readings. Usually changes should be communicated to you a day or two earlier, but it may happen that due to a sermon being written on Saturday night, a lesson gets changed on more of a last minute basis.

  4. Make sure the microphone in the pulpit is working.  It’s best to check this before the worship service begins, but certainly before you start reading the lessons.  Make sure the microphone is the right distance from your mouth so it picks up your voice properly – not too soft or not too loud.

  5. Read slower than normal.  Read with feeling.  Speed or robot readers aren’t helpful.

  6. When introducing the lessons:

  7. Old Testament lesson, say:   “The Old Testament (or first) lesson is recorded in….(Bible book title, chapter, beginning at X verse) and is on page X in your pew bible.”  (Always give the congregation a few moments after announcing the lesson for people to turn to the right page in the pew bible.)

    • “Our Psalm is Psalm #X, verses X to X, and is recorded on page X in our pew bible.”  Then tell the congregation how this will be read (e.g. responsively, in unison, or by the reader him or herself.)

    • “The epistle lesson (or New Testament lesson) is recorded in…(Bible book title, chapter, beginning at X verse) and is on page X in the pew bible.” 

  8. When faced with pronouns like he or her, within reason consider using the name of the individual it refers to in order to make it clear to listeners who the Bible is talking about.

  9. At the end of the lesson say, “Here ends the reading of the lesson,” or “The word of the Lord.”  After the epistle lesson, ask people to “Please stand for the singing of the Alleluia response (or if it’s in Lent for the singing of the Lenten response).

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